Biological manure and
digestate treatment


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Manure and digestate treatment Dngung englisch

The company Biatex GmbH

was founded in autumn 2019. We specialize in the construction of a biological process for the treatment of manure,digestate and industrial wastewater. In this way, Biatex offers its customers a well-thought-out solution for processing.

The treatment in the BIATEX GREEN allows the degradation of ammonium nitrogen by anammox nitrification.
The BIATEX BLACK plant uses the HTC process to produce biochar from the separated solid fermentation residue for thermal use or for use as farm fertilizer.

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Gülle- und Gärrestebehandlung


With the BIATEX GREEN, ammonium nitrogen, phosphate and carbon can be reduced by up to 98%.

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HTC coal press by Biatex

HTC solids

With the BIATEX HTC, biochar can be produced from biological solids.

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The company Biatex GmbH

also supports you in the necessary approval process and in the implementation of BIATEX GREEN and BIATEX BLACK.
Our staff will advise you on all questions

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