Biological manure and
digestate treatment



It is our business at BIATEX to purely mechanically / biologically purifying highly polluted water from agricultural and commercial areas. We attach particular importance to treating biological waste in such a way that it can be returned to the natural cycle in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

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Advantages BIATEX GREEN System

  • low operating costs
  • no chemicals
  • Protection of groundwater. Reduction of climate gases
  • robust technology
  • excellent cleaning performance with fluctuating qualities and quantities
  • reduction of the necessary liquid manure and digestate storage capacity

BIATEX supports you

  • if your system is approved
  • in technical planning
  • in the technical implementation
  • and in financing

In order to comply with the applicable fertilizer guidelines, more and more farmers are forced to drive their manure with expensive and environmentally harmful transports many kilometers across the country in order to spread the manure in compliance with the applicable fertilizer values. Biatex has developed a system that makes such transports superfluous in the future and also saves costs. Furthermore - depending on the competent authority - the storage time for digestate / liquid manure can be reduced to 3 months or the frost period.

With our BIATEX GREEN systems, we can purify highly polluted wastewater such as liquid manure and digestate as well as industrial wastewater. The process works without the addition of chemicals. Due to this purely mechanical / biological process, only little energy is required to operate the system.

With our BIATEX BLACK system we can produce biochar from biological solids such as sewage sludge or digestate and liquid manure, at low cost with the help of hydrothermal carbonization (HTC). With our two systems we guarantee a complete recycling of all residual materials. The CO2-neutral biochar can then be used as terra preta for soil improvement or as a substitute for fossil fuel.

Gülle- und Gärrestebehandlung


With the BIATEX GREEN, ammonium nitrogen, phosphate and carbon can be reduced by up to 98%.

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HTC coal press by Biatex

HTC solids

With the BIATEX HTC, biochar can be produced from biological solids.

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The company Biatex GmbH


is based in Rheine and was founded in autumn 2019. As a company, we have specialized in the construction of a biological process for the treatment of liquid manure, digestate and industrial wastewater. Biatex offers its customers a well thought-out solution for water treatment.

The BIATEX Green offers you the option of treating wastewater, such manure and digestate inexpensively and efficiently through a biochemical reaction. The liquid manure treatment in the BIATEX Green results in a complete breakdown of ammonium, nitrogen and nitrates through complete denitrification.

We are also at your side with the implementation of the necessary permits and with the implementation of the BIATEX Green. Our sales staff will also advise you on possible financing models.

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